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Zymol Wax

Zymol does something very interesting with it Zymol Car Wax products. They make maxes for specific brand models. That is you’ll have Zymol waxes for Porsche, Volvo and even SUVs.



car wax reviews - Zymol Carbon Wax
Zymol Carbon Wax

Darker colored cars need a different kind of wax in the Zymol Line. For this Zymol has Carbon Wax meant for black, and darker shades of brown, blue, green, orange, red and burgundy. Containing 37% carnauba oil this Zymol Car Wax has gained a following with enthusiasts driving dark colored cars. It really makes a superior shine compared to competing products.



car wax reviews - Zymol Detail Wax
Zymol Detail Wax

Specifically meant to be used on body kits and claddings the Zymol Detail Wax bonds well with flexible surfaces that characterizes non-metal parts. It contains a lot of oils that feeds the paint for parts like fiberglass and PVC. It contains even higher amounts of Brazilian Carnauba at 38% volume.



car wax reviews - Zymol Hand Crafted Waxes - Creame Wax
Zymol Creame Wax

Zymol also has specialty waxes for lighter cars. The Creame Wax is meant to bond to your paint. This Zymol product contains 33% Brazilian Yellow Carnauba. It also requires a curing time of about 45 minutes. S