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Zaino Wax

Zaino Waxes are a high tech range of products that do not have any equivalent on the market. They are not actually true waxes. But Zaino products comprise a system of products that work very well producing car show class shine.



car wax reviews - zaino z-2Zaino Z-2

Since Zaino delivers a system of products meant to be used with each other we’ll include the Zaino Z-2 PRO Clear Coat Finish Protectant. This product is meant to protect the surface of the car while providing elements that gloss and give clarity to the paints surface.



car wax reviews - zaino z-6Zaino Z-6

The Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray is meant to be used in between layers of Z-2. This product is meant to maintain the surface of the car unlike the Z-2 which is meant to protect.




car wax reviews - Zaino ZFXZaino ZFX

This product is meant to decrease the times you need to have Z-2 and other Zaino products cure. Aside from decreasing multiple application times the ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive will enhance the durability of the other Zaino Products.



Zaino Car Wax products are more accurately designated as Zaino Polish products. They offer a very different kind of product that works well compared to traditional Carnauba based waxing products. They have gained popularity among show car enthusiast which is always a good thing. They may be a small company but anyone who ever used Zaino will tell you that this things work.