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The Importance of Taking Time to Wash Your Car

By M. Maxx

Most people who love cars will never let other people wash their them. That means that their cars do not visit drive through car washes or have them scrubbed by those bikini car wash girls that seem to be pop out once in a while.

True enthusiasts find that touching the surface of their car and caring for its paint is one of the most satisfying moments they can spend with their works of art.

No one is ever going to be able to take care of your vehicle better than yourself. Through your regular cleanings you’ll take note of every imperfection, dent or scratch.

The more time you spend cleaning it or her the more you will memorize its imperfections. Every car is unique this way and this is why many people love them.

By taking time to clean your car you will find that you will start to care more for it. And like a woman if you start taking care of your ride it will never let you down too.

While cleaning you can notice tires getting worn out, bumper screws missing, light bulbs burnt out and even tail pipes needing replacement. A lot of people take these things for granted which in the end might cost them their lives.

Taking time to wash your car and care for its paint can mean the difference between a shiny 10 year old jewel with original paint and a 3 year old car with premature fading of its paint. This can mean a lot when it comes to resale value. A good paint job is an investment that could pay back for itself when the time comes to part with your vehicle

Driving a clean car can have its social benefits too. Someone who arrives with a super shiny work of art they tend to get compliments from their peers. A clean car usually means that you have discipline which can carry over to your work.

Not only have that but women always seemed to get attracted to cars as well. The shinier and cleaner they are the more they speak of your ability to take care of it.

Cleaning your car is indeed an important thing. It can prevent accidents, earn you some money (when it’s time to sell), improve your self confidence (through peer’s appreciation) and even better your chances of meeting women. So start regularly cleaning you car!

Regular washings can give you a cardiovascular workout as a bonus too!

After washing comes waxing. Read on the best Car Wax Reviews to find out which products are considered worthy of your time and car. I promise it won’t take you a long time to see which the best car wax is.

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