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The Four Steps of Proper Car Washing

Washing cars can be simple process. Have you ever thought you needed to read a guide on how to wash cars? Read on to find out if you are doing it the right way.

This article goes through four steps that will make your car washing more efficient and less time consuming as possible.

Step 1: Hose with water

A hose is a car washer’s best friend. Start by quickly hosing down your whole car. This will remove and dust and dirt that has built up.

Making you sure you do not waste water try and wash down the car in panels. Take note that the car does not enjoy bathing in water like you do so try to save water.

Step 2: Wash it with car shampoo

Be mindful of what you put on your car’s paint. Most people think detergent if they wanted to clean something. Unfortunately your car’s clear coat and paint are not designed to resist the highly abrasive detergents used on laundry or dishes.

Get a proper shampoo and soap your car. A proper soaping technique involves two buckets and a car wash mitt. The first bucket should be filled with soapy water while the second filled with clean water.

Drip your wash mitt into the bucket of soapy water. Do not squeeze out any excess suds and instead lightly let the car mitts run following the lines of the car. Do not scrub your car in rough circular motions. This is the cause of those swirl marks that your car has.

As soon as you finish one panel soak the mitts on the second bucket of clean water. Make sure to shake your mitts to lodge of the dirt and sand it accumulated.

Step 3: Rinse With Water

Rinsing with water can be a tricky thing. If you had soaped the entire car before rinsing it some of the soap may have already dried up. This can be a hassle to remove frequently requiring you to do a pass of soap and rinse again.

An easy technique to rinsing your car after a healthy soaping is to not use a hose. Instead use a small pail or container to create sheets of water that will run through the surface.

Starting from the top allows this sheet of water to glide down removing soap and debris along the way. This is much more effective than rinsing with a hose because that film of water that forms acts as a gentle wipe on the surface of your car.

Step 4: Dry with Chamois

The last step involves drying your car. While it may be tempting to just let the car sit and dry on its own you should take steps in making sure you dry your car quickly.

Leaving it to dry by itself will leave water marks on your car which may be very difficult to remove.

Drying can be very quick with a pair chamois wipe. The chamois are highly absorbent materials which will instantly make the surface of your car dry within contact.

Do not wipe that chamois over at the surface. Instead pat your car dry with them. Squeeze out the excess water and continue patting until your car is free of any water beads.

An important thing to remember while washing your car is to never allow it to dry between steps. Only on the last part should the car be allowed to dry.

Following these four steps can cut down your washing time drastically. Car washing does no need to take long and using this method can take as little as 20 minutes.

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