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MOTHERS California FX SynWax

More and more products are getting a high tech treatment these days. MOTHERS’ line of FX products contains the MOTHERS FX SynWax. This synthetic car wax is the bleeding edge of car wax technology.

car wax reviews - mothers fx synwax

Synthetic based waxes like this MOTHERS FX SynWax replicate the effects of carnauba based waxes. They go beyond the basic protection offered by a carnauba wax and extend their shine better.

The reflections of the SynWax is sharper and crisper than natural waxes. The beautiful thing about this is that it last even longer. Like most synthetic waxes it also contains polish agents that make paint maintenance a breeze.

The MOTHER FX SynWax is best for those wanting a cooler finish that is more durable and reflective than carnauba based products

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