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Meguiar’s GOLD CLASS Clear Coat Car Wax Review

This car paste wax from Meguiar’s is meant for bringing out the deep cark colors of your car. This comes in a very beautiful tin can packaging.

car wax reviews - Meguiar's Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax Paste
The Meguiar’s GOLD Clear Coat Wax is also available in liquid form. People love the smell of this car wax too. It is very easy to apply and produces a very bright gloss that matches anything out there in the market.

This car wax also is very easy to take off. It might surprise you though as this is wax is a lot thinner than most carnauba bases waxes. The Meguiar’s Gold Class Clear Coat has a shorter lifespan but because it is so easy to apply and take off (no arm exercise here) applying and re-applying it is a breeze.

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