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Common Car Paint Problems – Water Spots

Everyone who has ever owned a car has encountered water spots. And most detailing jobs are done to remove them. They are among the most horrible car paint problems you will ever encounter. Read on to find out how to avoid getting them.

What Are Water Spots?

Water spots are those little irregularly circular shapes that appear after water has dried of the car’s surface. They can range from barely visible to extremely visible as if painted on the car. They occur when water beads evaporate from the surface of the car leaving hard minerals on the paint’s surface.

Water spot removal can be very difficult if not impossible without the right tools. Furthermore the severity of the problem can depend on how hard or soft the water is that caused it. In milder cases a gentle wipe while shampooing a car can remove it. In very bad cases only a car care product with abrasive polishing properties can remove them.

What Water Sports Can Do to a Car’s Paint

Water spots can attach to a car’s paint. A bonding process can happen between the trace elements and the paint of your car if the water spot is allowed to stay on.  Exposure to the heat of the sun accelerates this bonding process.

If left for more than a few days time with the sun scorching on the paint, water spots will begin etching the paint. This will make it a fixture on your car’s surface which can be very ugly.

How to Avoid Getting Water Spots

Although it can be hassle the best way to prevent water spots stains is to make sure your car is always dry. As soon as it gets wet from the rain try to park it somewhere dry and begin washing it. If you are in a hurry a detailing spray and a microfiber cloth to wipe it with can save your car finish. It is much better to spend 5 minutes to get out water beads as soon as they form rather than spend hours later on polishing it off or worse shell out hundreds of dollars to have it removed from a detailing shop.

Water spots are probably one of the worst paint problems you can encounter with your car. If you allow it to set in and bake under the heat of the sun it will be very difficult to remove. Taking time to wipe off any excess water of your car is the best way of preventing water spots from happening.

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