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Car Wax Black

Best Car Wax Black Car

Black painted cars are among the most beautiful sites an automotive enthusiast can see when they are polished and protected to their maximum potential. This is especially true if the paint job is well done and the car is polished and waxed with the best products in the market.

Do black cars really need special wax? Answer = NOT REALLY.

But if you want that supreme look that gives a deep black shine that reflects with a jaw dropping shine then yes you need these special waxes. Black cars a pain because they are prone to a host of things that other colored cars are not exposed to.

Scratches, swirl marks, and streaks are all amplified on a black cars surface. If you care for your black car then you should take a look at our recommendations on the Best Car Wax for a Black Car.

Pinnacle Souveran

( Carnauba Paste Wax )

Coming in at a hefty $95 usd the Pinnacle Souveran is a great wax for black cars. It is based on the popular Brazilian Carnauba Wax which gives a dazzling deep look that gives a black car a look that can be explained only as three dimensional.


This product is not cheap but is best suited for those special occasions like car shows, or when you wish to sell your car. Because this is a premium car wax for black paint cars it goes without saying that a very well polished black paint is necessary for it to give its ultimate look.

Meguair’s Hi Tech Yellow Wax

(aka Meguiar’s #26 )

This Meguiar’s car wax product provides the best value and is widely available. Unlike the Pinnacle Souveran this paste wax product is a blend of yellow Carnauba, polymers and silicones. This makes it a synthetic wax as opposed to natural carnauba waxes.


Best suited as a car wax for black or darker colored cars the Meguiar’s Hi Tech Yellow Wax is known as Meguiar’s #26 to professional car detailers. It has taken a backseat to Meguiar’s own NXT 2.0 but the Meguiar’s #26 is the choice of professionals for black cars.


If you have a daily driven black car you may want to get this as it is priced well below $20 dollars. You can even find it for as low as $8 dollars online.

Turtle Wax Black

( Turtle Wax Black Box )

The Turtle Wax Black Box kit comes with three products that is meant to give your car the best wax for black paint. Regarded by many car owners as one of the easiest black car wax solutions in the market, the Turtle Wax Black provides extremely good value for the cost conscious buyer.


It is one of the few products aimed solely for use on black cars. It comes with a Black Pre-Wax Cleaner and Paint conditioner, a special Carnauba Deep Black wax, two bottles of specialized detailers for black cars and applicators.


This product is best for people who want the deepest and wettest black finish they can get on their old or new car all in one easy to use package. Providing unbelievably value the Turtle Wax Black can be found online for as low as $17 USD.